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A television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology.


  • Genre: Drama, Thriller, Science-fiction
  • Rating: 9.0 (183 votes)
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • Status: Continuing
  • Years: 2011 - 2019
  • Episodes per season: 6
  • Network: Netflix


Black Mirror - season 1

Season 1 (2011)

Rating: 8.0
Black Mirror - season 2

Season 2 (2013)

Rating: 7.8
Black Mirror - season 3

Season 3 (2016)

Rating: 8.2
Black Mirror - season 4

Season 4 (2017)

Rating: 7.3
Black Mirror - season 5

Season 5 (2019)

Rating: 7.3

Characters and Actors

Cristin Milioti as Nanette Cole in Black Mirror

Nanette Cole

Actor: Cristin Milioti
Also in: How I Met Your Mother, Fargo
Andrea Riseborough as Mia Nolan in Black Mirror

Mia Nolan

Actor: Andrea Riseborough
Also in: Bloodline
Alex Lawther as Kenny in Black Mirror


Actor: Alex Lawther
Lenora Crichlow as Victoria Skillane in Black Mirror

Victoria Skillane

Actor: Lenora Crichlow
Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie Pound in Black Mirror

Lacie Pound

Actor: Bryce Dallas Howard
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Kelly in Black Mirror


Actor: Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Jessica Brown Findlay as Abi in Black Mirror


Actor: Jessica Brown Findlay
Also in: Downton Abbey
Hayley Atwell as Martha in Black Mirror


Actor: Hayley Atwell
Also in: Marvel's Agent Carter
Rory Kinnear as Michael Callow in Black Mirror

Michael Callow

Actor: Rory Kinnear
Also in: Penny Dreadful, Years and Years
Toby Kebbell as Liam in Black Mirror


Actor: Toby Kebbell
Mackenzie Davis as Yorkie in Black Mirror


Actor: Mackenzie Davis
Brenna Harding as Sara (age 15) in Black Mirror

Sara (age 15)

Actor: Brenna Harding
Rosemarie DeWit as Marie in Black Mirror


Actor: Rosemarie DeWit
Georgina Campbell as Amy in Black Mirror


Actor: Georgina Campbell
Joe Cole as Frank in Black Mirror


Actor: Joe Cole
Also in: Peaky Blinders
Maxine Peake as Bella in Black Mirror


Actor: Maxine Peake
Douglas Hodg as Rolo Haynes in Black Mirror

Rolo Haynes

Actor: Douglas Hodg
Letitia Wright as Nish in Black Mirror


Actor: Letitia Wright
Also in: Humans
Jon Hamm as Matt Trent in Black Mirror

Matt Trent

Actor: Jon Hamm
Also in: Mad Men, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Natalia Tena as Jennifer in Black Mirror


Actor: Natalia Tena
Also in: Game of Thrones
Rafe Spall as Joe Potter in Black Mirror

Joe Potter

Actor: Rafe Spall
Tobias Menzies as Liam Monroe in Black Mirror

Liam Monroe

Actor: Tobias Menzies
Also in: Game of Thrones, Outlander, Outlander, The Terror, Rome
Jason Flemyng as Jack Napier in Black Mirror

Jack Napier

Actor: Jason Flemyng
Chloe Pirrie as Gwendolyn Harris in Black Mirror

Gwendolyn Harris

Actor: Chloe Pirrie
Daniel Rigby as Jamie Salter in Black Mirror

Jamie Salter

Actor: Daniel Rigby
Tuppence Middleton as Jem in Black Mirror


Actor: Tuppence Middleton
Also in: Sense8
Domhnall Gleeson as Ash in Black Mirror


Actor: Domhnall Gleeson
Kelly Macdonald as Karin Parke in Black Mirror

Karin Parke

Actor: Kelly Macdonald
Also in: Boardwalk Empire
Daniel Kaluuya as Bing in Black Mirror


Actor: Daniel Kaluuya
Jodie Whittaker as Ffion in Black Mirror


Actor: Jodie Whittaker
Also in: Doctor Who (2005)
Alice Eve as Naomi in Black Mirror


Actor: Alice Eve
Also in: Marvel's Iron Fist
Hannah John-Kamen as Sonja/Selma Telse in Black Mirror

Sonja/Selma Telse

Actor: Hannah John-Kamen
Also in: Killjoys
James Norton as Ryan in Black Mirror


Actor: James Norton
Malachi Kirby as Stripe in Black Mirror


Actor: Malachi Kirby
Wyatt Russell as Cooper in Black Mirror


Actor: Wyatt Russell
Madeline Brewer as Raiman in Black Mirror


Actor: Madeline Brewer
Also in: Hemlock Grove, Orange Is the New Black, The Handmaid's Tale
Faye Marsay as Blue Coulson in Black Mirror

Blue Coulson

Actor: Faye Marsay
Also in: Game of Thrones, The White Queen
Jerome Flynn as Hector in Black Mirror


Actor: Jerome Flynn
Also in: Game of Thrones
Cherry Jones as Susan in Black Mirror


Actor: Cherry Jones
Also in: 24, Transparent, The Handmaid's Tale
Duncan Pow as Garrett Scholes in Black Mirror

Garrett Scholes

Actor: Duncan Pow
Jesse Plemons as Robert Daly in Black Mirror

Robert Daly

Actor: Jesse Plemons
Also in: Breaking Bad, Fargo, Olive Kitteridge
Tom Cullen as Jonas in Black Mirror


Actor: Tom Cullen
Nicky Torchia as Trick age 12 in Black Mirror

Trick age 12

Actor: Nicky Torchia
Kiran Sonia Sawar as Shazia of the Realm Insurance in Black Mirror

Shazia of the Realm Insurance

Actor: Kiran Sonia Sawar
Jimmi Simpson as Walton in Black Mirror


Actor: Jimmi Simpson
Also in: House of Cards (US), Westworld
Daniel Lapaine as Dawson in Black Mirror


Actor: Daniel Lapaine
Also in: Catastrophe (2015)
Alexandra Roach as Carrie in Black Mirror


Actor: Alexandra Roach
Babs Olusanmokun as Clayton Leigh in Black Mirror

Clayton Leigh

Actor: Babs Olusanmokun
Aldis Hodge as Jack in Black Mirror


Actor: Aldis Hodge
Sarah Abbott as Sara 9yrs in Black Mirror

Sara 9yrs

Actor: Sarah Abbott
Matt Baram  as Dr. Usborne in Black Mirror

Dr. Usborne

Actor: Matt Baram
Mckayla Twiggs as Meryl age 9 in Black Mirror

Meryl age 9

Actor: Mckayla Twiggs
Anthony Welsh as Anan Akhand in Black Mirror

Anan Akhand

Actor: Anthony Welsh
Andrew Gower as Rob in Black Mirror


Actor: Andrew Gower
Also in: Outlander
Robot as Dog in Black Mirror


Actor: Robot
Also in: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Oona Chaplin as Greta in Black Mirror


Actor: Oona Chaplin
Also in: Game of Thrones, Taboo (2017)