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The third edition of the "CSI" franchise sets up shop in the Big Apple, where taciturn Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his partner, Detective Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes), lead a crime-solving team. Like his counterparts in Las Vegas and Miami, Taylor knows that people may lie, but the evidence rarely does.


  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Rating: 8.1 (116 votes)
  • Runtime: 45 minutes
  • Status: Ended
  • Years: 2004 - 2012
  • Episodes per season: 25
  • Network: CBS


CSI: NY - season 1

Season 1 (2004)

Rating: 6.9
CSI: NY - season 2

Season 2 (2005)

Rating: 6.9
CSI: NY - season 3

Season 3 (2006)

Rating: 7.2
CSI: NY - season 4

Season 4 (2007)

Rating: 7.2
CSI: NY - season 5

Season 5 (2008)

Rating: 7.3
CSI: NY - season 6

Season 6 (2009)

Rating: 7.3
CSI: NY - season 7

Season 7 (2010)

Rating: 7.3
CSI: NY - season 8

Season 8 (2011)

Rating: 7.5
CSI: NY - season 9

Season 9 (2012)

Rating: 7.4

Characters and Actors

Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor in CSI: NY

Mac Taylor

Actor: Gary Sinise
Melina Kanakaredes as Stella Bonasera in CSI: NY

Stella Bonasera

Actor: Melina Kanakaredes
Sela Ward as Jo Danville in CSI: NY

Jo Danville

Actor: Sela Ward
Also in: House
Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer in CSI: NY

Danny Messer

Actor: Carmine Giovinazzo
Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback in CSI: NY

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Actor: Robert Joy
A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross in CSI: NY

Adam Ross

Actor: A.J. Buckley
Emmanuelle Vaugier as Jennifer Angel in CSI: NY

Jennifer Angel

Actor: Emmanuelle Vaugier
Also in: Two and a Half Men, Lost Girl
Claire Forlani as Peyton Driscoll in CSI: NY

Peyton Driscoll

Actor: Claire Forlani
Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe in CSI: NY

Lindsay Monroe

Actor: Anna Belknap
Hill Harper as Sheldon Hawkes in CSI: NY

Sheldon Hawkes

Actor: Hill Harper
Also in: Limitless, The Good Doctor
Eddie Cahill as Don Flack in CSI: NY

Don Flack

Actor: Eddie Cahill
Also in: Under the Dome
Vanessa Ferlito as Aiden Burn in CSI: NY

Aiden Burn

Actor: Vanessa Ferlito
Also in: NCIS: New Orleans