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Set 30 years after Battlestar Galactica, the Galactica is guided by the mysterious teenage genius prodigy Dr. Zee. Adama, sporting a hideously fake beard, remains in command of the fleet, with Col. Boomer his second in command. Upon realizing Earth of 1980 cannot face the Cylons, and hearing Zee's warning that the Cylons followed them, Adama turns the fleet away, sending his grandson Troy (the grown up Boxey) and his wingman Dillon to explore Earth and aid in speeding up its technological development. They are helped by a reporter named Jamie Hamilton, and new technology such as personal cloaking shields and flying motorcycles.


  • Genre: Science-fiction
  • Rating: 7.0 (26 votes)
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • Status: Ended
  • Years: 1980 - 1980
  • Episodes per season: 10
  • Network: ABC (US)


Galactica 1980 - season 1

Season 1 (1980)

Rating: 6.7

Characters and Actors

hr1983 as  Capt. Troy in Galactica 1980

Capt. Troy

Actor: hr1983
Kent McCord as Capt. Troy in Galactica 1980

Capt. Troy

Actor: Kent McCord
Barry Van Dyke as Lt. Dillon in Galactica 1980

Lt. Dillon

Actor: Barry Van Dyke
Also in: Airwolf
Robyn Douglass as Jamie Hamilton in Galactica 1980

Jamie Hamilton

Actor: Robyn Douglass
Lorne Greene as Commander Adama in Galactica 1980

Commander Adama

Actor: Lorne Greene
Also in: Bonanza