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Set in the sprawling mecca of the rich and famous, Ray Donovan does the dirty work for LA's top power players. He is the go-to guy who makes the problems of the city's celebrities, superstar athletes, and business moguls disappear. This powerful drama unfolds when his father is unexpectedly released from prison, setting off a chain of events that shakes the Donovan family to its core.


  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Rating: 8.6 (71 votes)
  • Runtime: 55 minutes
  • Status: Continuing
  • Years: 2013 - 2018
  • Episodes per season: 12
  • Network: Showtime


Ray Donovan - season 1

Season 1 (2013)

Rating: 7.6
Ray Donovan - season 2

Season 2 (2014)

Rating: 7.9
Ray Donovan - season 3

Season 3 (2015)

Rating: 8.3
Ray Donovan - season 4

Season 4 (2016)

Rating: 8.0
Ray Donovan - season 5

Season 5 (2017)

Rating: 7.4
Ray Donovan - season 6

Season 6 (2018)

Rating: 0.0

Characters and Actors

Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan in Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan

Actor: Liev Schreiber
Jon Voight as Mickey Donovan in Ray Donovan

Mickey Donovan

Actor: Jon Voight
Steven Bauer as Avi in Ray Donovan


Actor: Steven Bauer
Elliott Gould as Ezra Goodman in Ray Donovan

Ezra Goodman

Actor: Elliott Gould
Katherine Moennig as Lena in Ray Donovan


Actor: Katherine Moennig
Dash Mihok as Bunchy Donovan in Ray Donovan

Bunchy Donovan

Actor: Dash Mihok
Paula Malcomson as Abby Donovan in Ray Donovan

Abby Donovan

Actor: Paula Malcomson
Also in: Deadwood
Eddie Marsan as Terry Donovan in Ray Donovan

Terry Donovan

Actor: Eddie Marsan
Vinessa Shaw as Kate McPherson in Ray Donovan

Kate McPherson

Actor: Vinessa Shaw
Katie Holmes as Paige Finney in Ray Donovan

Paige Finney

Actor: Katie Holmes
Also in: Dawson's Creek
James Woods as Patrick "Sully" Sullivan in Ray Donovan

Patrick "Sully" Sullivan

Actor: James Woods
Ian McShane as Andrew Finney in Ray Donovan

Andrew Finney

Actor: Ian McShane
Also in: Deadwood, American Gods
Devon Bagby as Conor Donovan in Ray Donovan

Conor Donovan

Actor: Devon Bagby
Kerris Dorsey as Bridget Donovan in Ray Donovan

Bridget Donovan

Actor: Kerris Dorsey
Pooch Hall as Daryll in Ray Donovan


Actor: Pooch Hall