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The Super Sentai Series is the name given to the long-running Japanese superhero team genre of shows produced by Toei Co., Ltd., Toei Agency and Bandai, and aired by TV Asahi ("Super" refers to their use of mecha, and "sentai" is the Japanese word for "task force" or, literally, "fighting squadron" and was also a term used for Japanese squadrons in World War II). The shows are of the tokusatsu genre, featuring live action characters and colorful special effects, and are aimed mainly at children. The Super Sentai Series is one of the most prominent tokusatsu productions in Japan, alongside the Ultra Series and the Kamen Rider Series, which it currently airs alongside in the Super Hero Time programming block on Sundays. Outside Japan, the Super Sentai Series are best known as the source material for the Power Rangers franchise.


  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Special interest
  • Rating: 6.8 (14638 votes)
  • Runtime: 25 minutes
  • Status: Continuing
  • Years: 1975 - 2019
  • Episodes per season: 84
  • Network: TV Asahi


Super Sentai - season 1

Season 1 (1975)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 2

Season 2 (1977)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 3

Season 3 (1979)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 4

Season 4 (1980)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 5

Season 5 (1981)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 6

Season 6 (1982)

Rating: 0.1
Super Sentai - season 7

Season 7 (1983)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 8

Season 8 (1984)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 9

Season 9 (1985)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 10

Season 10 (1986)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 11

Season 11 (1987)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 12

Season 12 (1988)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 13

Season 13 (1989)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 14

Season 14 (1990)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 15

Season 15 (1991)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 16

Season 16 (1992)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 17

Season 17 (1993)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 18

Season 18 (1994)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 19

Season 19 (1995)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 20

Season 20 (1996)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 21

Season 21 (1997)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 22

Season 22 (1998)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 23

Season 23 (1999)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 24

Season 24 (2000)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 25

Season 25 (2001)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 26

Season 26 (2002)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 27

Season 27 (2003)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 28

Season 28 (2004)

Rating: 0.2
Super Sentai - season 29

Season 29 (2005)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 30

Season 30 (2006)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 31

Season 31 (2007)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 32

Season 32 (2008)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 33

Season 33 (2009)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 34

Season 34 (2010)

Rating: 0.4
Super Sentai - season 35

Season 35 (2011)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 36

Season 36 (2012)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 37

Season 37 (2013)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 38

Season 38 (2014)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 39

Season 39 (2015)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 40

Season 40 (2016)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 41

Season 41 (2017)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 42

Season 42 (2018)

Rating: 0.0
Super Sentai - season 43

Season 43 (2019)

Rating: 0.0

Characters and Actors

Yoichi Nukumizu as Kogure in Super Sentai


Actor: Yoichi Nukumizu
Rie Kugimiya as Jim Carter in Super Sentai

Jim Carter

Actor: Rie Kugimiya
Also in: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Tokyo Ghoul
Keiichi Wada	 as Ryou (Ryuu Ranger) in Super Sentai

Ryou (Ryuu Ranger)

Actor: Keiichi Wada
Tatsuya Nomi	 as Daigo (Shishi Ranger) in Super Sentai

Daigo (Shishi Ranger)

Actor: Tatsuya Nomi
Ei Hamura	 as Shouji(Tenma Ranger) in Super Sentai

Shouji(Tenma Ranger)

Actor: Ei Hamura
Keisuke Tsuchiya	 as Kazu(Kirin Ranger) in Super Sentai

Kazu(Kirin Ranger)

Actor: Keisuke Tsuchiya
Natsumi Takahashi	 as Lin(Houou Ranger) in Super Sentai

Lin(Houou Ranger)

Actor: Natsumi Takahashi
Hisashi Sakai as Kou(Kiba Ranger) in Super Sentai

Kou(Kiba Ranger)

Actor: Hisashi Sakai
Seiya Motoki as Noel Takao in Super Sentai

Noel Takao

Actor: Seiya Motoki
Atsushi Hashimoto as Kai Ozu(Magi Red) in Super Sentai

Kai Ozu(Magi Red)

Actor: Atsushi Hashimoto
Hiroya Matsumoto as Tsubasa Ozu(Magi Yellow) in Super Sentai

Tsubasa Ozu(Magi Yellow)

Actor: Hiroya Matsumoto
Asami Kai as Urara Ozu(Magi Blue) in Super Sentai

Urara Ozu(Magi Blue)

Actor: Asami Kai
Ayumi Beppu as Houka Ozu(Magi Pink) in Super Sentai

Houka Ozu(Magi Pink)

Actor: Ayumi Beppu
Yuuki Itou as Makito Ozu(Magi Green) in Super Sentai

Makito Ozu(Magi Green)

Actor: Yuuki Itou
Hideki Habaya as Ryô Asuka in Super Sentai

Ryô Asuka

Actor: Hideki Habaya
Mitsuomi Takahashi as Satoru Akashi / BoukenRed in Super Sentai

Satoru Akashi / BoukenRed

Actor: Mitsuomi Takahashi
Yasuka Saito as Masumi Inou / BoukenBlack in Super Sentai

Masumi Inou / BoukenBlack

Actor: Yasuka Saito
Masashi Mikami as Souta Mogami / BoukenBlue in Super Sentai

Souta Mogami / BoukenBlue

Actor: Masashi Mikami
Chise Nakamura as Natsuki Mamiya / BoukenYellow in Super Sentai

Natsuki Mamiya / BoukenYellow

Actor: Chise Nakamura
Haruka Suenaga as Sakura Nishihori / BoukenPink in Super Sentai

Sakura Nishihori / BoukenPink

Actor: Haruka Suenaga
Masayuki Deai as Eiji Takaoka / BoukenSilver in Super Sentai

Eiji Takaoka / BoukenSilver

Actor: Masayuki Deai
Lisa Komaki as Peggy Matsuyama in Super Sentai

Peggy Matsuyama

Actor: Lisa Komaki
Naoya Makoto as Tsuyoshi Kaijo in Super Sentai

Tsuyoshi Kaijo

Actor: Naoya Makoto
Hiroshi Miyauchi as Soukichi Banba in Super Sentai

Soukichi Banba

Actor: Hiroshi Miyauchi
Baku Hatakeyama as Daita Oiwa in Super Sentai

Daita Oiwa

Actor: Baku Hatakeyama
Jirō Daruma as Daigoro Kumano in Super Sentai

Daigoro Kumano

Actor: Jirō Daruma
Yukio Ito as Kensaku Shiraishi in Super Sentai

Kensaku Shiraishi

Actor: Yukio Ito
Yoshitaka Tanba as Goroh Sakurai - Spade Ace in Super Sentai

Goroh Sakurai - Spade Ace

Actor: Yoshitaka Tanba
Tairayama Ito as Ryu Higashi in Super Sentai

Ryu Higashi

Actor: Tairayama Ito
Yûsuke Kazato as Daichi Bunta in Super Sentai

Daichi Bunta

Actor: Yûsuke Kazato
Mitchi Love as Karen Mizuki in Super Sentai

Karen Mizuki

Actor: Mitchi Love
Daisuke Shima as Yusuke Amamiya ( Red Falcon) in Super Sentai

Yusuke Amamiya ( Red Falcon)

Actor: Daisuke Shima
Kazuhiko Nishimura	 as Jou Ouhara (Yellow Lion) in Super Sentai

Jou Ouhara (Yellow Lion)

Actor: Kazuhiko Nishimura
Megumi Mori	 as Megumi Misaki (Blue Dolphin) in Super Sentai

Megumi Misaki (Blue Dolphin)

Actor: Megumi Mori
Hayate Ichinose as Kou (RyusoulRed) in Super Sentai

Kou (RyusoulRed)

Actor: Hayate Ichinose
Keito Tsuna as Melt (RyusoulBlue) in Super Sentai

Melt (RyusoulBlue)

Actor: Keito Tsuna
Ichika Osaki as Asuna (RyusoulPink) in Super Sentai

Asuna (RyusoulPink)

Actor: Ichika Osaki
Yuito Obara as Towa (RyusoulGreen) in Super Sentai

Towa (RyusoulGreen)

Actor: Yuito Obara
Tatsuya Kishida as Banba (RyusoulBlack) in Super Sentai

Banba (RyusoulBlack)

Actor: Tatsuya Kishida
Hiroki Suzuki as Jan Kandou (Geki Red) in Super Sentai

Jan Kandou (Geki Red)

Actor: Hiroki Suzuki
Mina Fukui	 as Ran Uzaki (Geki Yellow) in Super Sentai

Ran Uzaki (Geki Yellow)

Actor: Mina Fukui
Manpei Takagi	 as Retsu Fukami (Geki Blue) in Super Sentai

Retsu Fukami (Geki Blue)

Actor: Manpei Takagi
Riki Miura as Gou Fukami (Geki Violet) in Super Sentai

Gou Fukami (Geki Violet)

Actor: Riki Miura
Sotaro as Ken Hisatsu (Geki Chopper) in Super Sentai

Ken Hisatsu (Geki Chopper)

Actor: Sotaro
Hyodo Chikai as Kanaro (RyusoulGold) in Super Sentai

Kanaro (RyusoulGold)

Actor: Hyodo Chikai
Toshiya Fuji	 as Gaku Hoshikawa (Five Red) in Super Sentai

Gaku Hoshikawa (Five Red)

Actor: Toshiya Fuji
Kei Sindachiya	 as Ken Hoshikawa (Five Blue) in Super Sentai

Ken Hoshikawa (Five Blue)

Actor: Kei Sindachiya
Ryōhei Kobayashi	 as Fumiya Hoshikawa (Five Black) in Super Sentai

Fumiya Hoshikawa (Five Black)

Actor: Ryōhei Kobayashi
Kazuko Miyata	 as Kazumi Hoshikawa (Five Pink) in Super Sentai

Kazumi Hoshikawa (Five Pink)

Actor: Kazuko Miyata
Ryo Narushima	 as Remi Hoshikawa (Five Yellow) in Super Sentai

Remi Hoshikawa (Five Yellow)

Actor: Ryo Narushima
Kenta Satō as Riki Honoo/Red Turbo in Super Sentai

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo

Actor: Kenta Satō
Fumiaki Ganaha as Daichi Yamagata/Black Turbo in Super Sentai

Daichi Yamagata/Black Turbo

Actor: Fumiaki Ganaha
Keiya Asakura as Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo in Super Sentai

Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo

Actor: Keiya Asakura
Junichiro Katagiri as Shunsuke Hino/Yellow Turbo in Super Sentai

Shunsuke Hino/Yellow Turbo

Actor: Junichiro Katagiri
Noriko Kinohara as Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo in Super Sentai

Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo

Actor: Noriko Kinohara
Hironori Tanioka as Masao Den in Super Sentai

Masao Den

Actor: Hironori Tanioka
Yuuhei Kurachi as Kyousuke Shida in Super Sentai

Kyousuke Shida

Actor: Yuuhei Kurachi
Kenji Oba as Shiro Akebono in Super Sentai

Shiro Akebono

Actor: Kenji Oba
Diane Martin as Diane Martin in Super Sentai

Diane Martin

Actor: Diane Martin
Nao Nagasawa as Nanami Nono in Super Sentai

Nanami Nono

Actor: Nao Nagasawa
Aiko Ito as Ranru Itsuki in Super Sentai

Ranru Itsuki

Actor: Aiko Ito
Mio Takeuchi as Sae Taiga in Super Sentai

Sae Taiga

Actor: Mio Takeuchi
Mika Kikuchi as Koume 'Umeko' Kodou ( Deka Pìnk ) in Super Sentai

Koume 'Umeko' Kodou ( Deka Pìnk )

Actor: Mika Kikuchi
Kotaro Tanaka as Ryu Tendou in Super Sentai

Ryu Tendou

Actor: Kotaro Tanaka
Rika Kishida as Kaori Rokumeikan in Super Sentai

Kaori Rokumeikan

Actor: Rika Kishida
Tomihisa Naruse as Raita Ooishi in Super Sentai

Raita Ooishi

Actor: Tomihisa Naruse
Sayuri Uchida as Ako Hayasaka in Super Sentai

Ako Hayasaka

Actor: Sayuri Uchida
Toshihide Wakamatsu as Gai Yuuki in Super Sentai

Gai Yuuki

Actor: Toshihide Wakamatsu
Ryôsuke Sakamoto as Shirô Gô in Super Sentai

Shirô Gô

Actor: Ryôsuke Sakamoto
Naoto Ôta as Shingo Takasugi in Super Sentai

Shingo Takasugi

Actor: Naoto Ôta
Akito Ôsuga as Ryûta Nanbara in Super Sentai

Ryûta Nanbara

Actor: Akito Ôsuga
Yuki Yajima as Mika Koizumi in Super Sentai

Mika Koizumi

Actor: Yuki Yajima
Michiko Makino as Hikaru Katsuragi in Super Sentai

Hikaru Katsuragi

Actor: Michiko Makino
Sumiko Tanaka as Jun Yabuki in Super Sentai

Jun Yabuki

Actor: Sumiko Tanaka
Masaki Nakao as Yamato Kazakiri in Super Sentai

Yamato Kazakiri

Actor: Masaki Nakao
Miki Yanagi as Sela in Super Sentai


Actor: Miki Yanagi
Shohei Nanba as Leo in Super Sentai


Actor: Shohei Nanba
Tsurugi Watanabe as Tusk in Super Sentai


Actor: Tsurugi Watanabe
Haruka Tateishi as Amu in Super Sentai


Actor: Haruka Tateishi
Ryôsuke Umezu as Takeru in Super Sentai


Actor: Ryôsuke Umezu
Kôichi Kusakari as Kenta in Super Sentai


Actor: Kôichi Kusakari
Issei Hirota as Akira in Super Sentai


Actor: Issei Hirota
Yuki Nagata as Haruka in Super Sentai


Actor: Yuki Nagata
Kanako Maeda as Momoko in Super Sentai


Actor: Kanako Maeda
Takumi Kizu as Lucky in Super Sentai


Actor: Takumi Kizu
Sakurako Ookuba  as Hame in Super Sentai


Actor: Sakurako Ookuba
Tetsuji Sakakibara as Spada in Super Sentai


Actor: Tetsuji Sakakibara
Akio Otsuka as Champ in Super Sentai


Actor: Akio Otsuka
Kazuya Nakai as Garou in Super Sentai


Actor: Kazuya Nakai
Also in: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Death Note
Taiki Yamazaki as Naga Rei in Super Sentai

Naga Rei

Actor: Taiki Yamazaki
Naomi Hagi as Maria Nagisa in Super Sentai

Maria Nagisa

Actor: Naomi Hagi
Yuuki Ono as Balance in Super Sentai


Actor: Yuuki Ono
Mao Ichimichi as Raptor 283 in Super Sentai

Raptor 283

Actor: Mao Ichimichi
Yosuke Kishi as Stinger in Super Sentai


Actor: Yosuke Kishi
Yuuta Mochizuki as Geki in Super Sentai


Actor: Yuuta Mochizuki
Aohisa Takayasu as Goushi in Super Sentai


Actor: Aohisa Takayasu
Hideki Fujiwara as Dan in Super Sentai


Actor: Hideki Fujiwara
Takumi Hashimoto as Boi in Super Sentai


Actor: Takumi Hashimoto
Reiko Chiba as Mei in Super Sentai


Actor: Reiko Chiba
Machiko Soga as Bandora in Super Sentai


Actor: Machiko Soga
Masaru Nagai as Tatsuya Asami in Super Sentai

Tatsuya Asami

Actor: Masaru Nagai
Mika Katsumura as Yuri in Super Sentai


Actor: Mika Katsumura
Shuhei Izumi as Domon in Super Sentai


Actor: Shuhei Izumi
Yuji Kido as Ayase in Super Sentai


Actor: Yuji Kido
Masahiro Kuranuki as Sion in Super Sentai


Actor: Masahiro Kuranuki
Shinji Kasahara as Naoto Takizawa in Super Sentai

Naoto Takizawa

Actor: Shinji Kasahara
Haruka Kudo as Umika Hayami in Super Sentai

Umika Hayami

Actor: Haruka Kudo
Seirou Yamaguchi as Tetsuya Yano (Black Bison) in Super Sentai

Tetsuya Yano (Black Bison)

Actor: Seirou Yamaguchi
Kousei Yuki as Keiichiro Asaka in Super Sentai

Keiichiro Asaka

Actor: Kousei Yuki
Jin Kawamoto as Junichi Aikawa (Green Sai) in Super Sentai

Junichi Aikawa (Green Sai)

Actor: Jin Kawamoto
Kasuza Okoyama as Tsukasa Myojin in Super Sentai

Tsukasa Myojin

Actor: Kasuza Okoyama
Dorothée as Professor Dorothée in Super Sentai

Professor Dorothée

Actor: Dorothée
Ryo Yokoyama as Sakuya Hikawa in Super Sentai

Sakuya Hikawa

Actor: Ryo Yokoyama
Naoya Ban as Makoto Jin in Super Sentai

Makoto Jin

Actor: Naoya Ban
Shogo Hama as Toma Yoimachi in Super Sentai

Toma Yoimachi

Actor: Shogo Hama
Asahi Itou as Kairi Yano in Super Sentai

Kairi Yano

Actor: Asahi Itou
Ryuji Sainei as Banban "Ban" Akaza (Deka Red) in Super Sentai

Banban "Ban" Akaza (Deka Red)

Actor: Ryuji Sainei
Tsuyoshi Hayashi as Houji Tomasu (Deka Blue) in Super Sentai

Houji Tomasu (Deka Blue)

Actor: Tsuyoshi Hayashi
Yousuke Ito as Senichi "Sen-Chan" Enari ( Deka Green) in Super Sentai

Senichi "Sen-Chan" Enari ( Deka Green)

Actor: Yousuke Ito
Ayumi Kinoshita as Marika "Jasmine " Reimon ( Deka Yellow ) in Super Sentai

Marika "Jasmine " Reimon ( Deka Yellow )

Actor: Ayumi Kinoshita
Tomokazu Yoshida as Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira ( Deka Break ) in Super Sentai

Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira ( Deka Break )

Actor: Tomokazu Yoshida
Mako Ishino as Swan-San in Super Sentai


Actor: Mako Ishino
Ike Nwala as Diretor Hilltop in Super Sentai

Diretor Hilltop

Actor: Ike Nwala
Jingi Irie as Zamigo Delma in Super Sentai

Zamigo Delma

Actor: Jingi Irie
Masaaki Yamaguchi	 as Tetsuya Yano (Black Bison) in Super Sentai

Tetsuya Yano (Black Bison)

Actor: Masaaki Yamaguchi
Shinobu Komoto	 as Junichi Aikawa (Green Sai) in Super Sentai

Junichi Aikawa (Green Sai)

Actor: Shinobu Komoto