The Returned - Episode 8

The Returned - s02e08: The Returned
Episode 8: "The Returned"
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After the shooting at the gym, the Séguret family tries to leave town, but Camille realizes that she cannot stay with her family and must join the Revenants. The policeman Alcide brings Simon and Adèle's baby to Lucy, but it is too late; the Horde has dispersed and Lucy thinks they will not return...


  • Rating: 7.5 (2 votes)
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Date: 10/19/2015
  • Network: Canal+
  • Writers: Fabrice Gobert, Audrey Fouché, Coline Abert, Fabien Adda
  • Director: Fabrice Gobert, Frédéric Goupil

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